Videos Worth Watching, March 2017

Videos Worth Watching, March 2017

Every month I share a bunch of videos that I think are worth watching from around the internet.

Here is my collection of Videos Worth Watching, March 2017.



#1 PAGES : Michael Cameneti


A short visual representation of the poem Fire and Ice by Robert Frost.


#2 Dreamers of Dreams : LIGHT COLOUR SOUND


Some absolutely massive waves and the amazing seascape off the coast of Nazare in Portugal.




Great clip created using a Kodak 16mm film camera showing men of America.


#4 ICEFALL : Jeremiah Schuster


A look at the frigid but not so barren landscape of Iceland in winter.


#5 Bulldozer : Itsbongoboy


The hardcore and graphic story of the Death Match Wrestling world champion.


#6 Daniel Arnold – Odds and Ends : Pinery Films


Follow street photographer Daniel Arnold over three days and across the five boroughs as the photographer homes in on his subjects.


#7 Fender – J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr : Shrine


A portrait of J Mascis the singer, guitarist and main songwriter for the alternative rock band Dinosaur Jr.


#8 Blackout : Aaron Keigher


Fantastic time lapse photography shot in black and white showing off some of the beauty of nature by photographer Aaron Keigher.


#9 MOTHER : Morgan Jouquand


Stunning and dramatic landscapes shot during Morgan Jouquand’s one year journey around the globe, including thirteen countries from Southeast Asia to South America via New Zealand.


#10 Children of Hope : Black Pencil


In a country where almost half of the population are children under 15 years old. Children of Hope shows us a look at life in Tanzania.


That’s it for Videos Worth Watching, March 2017!

What did you think? Which video was your favorite from the list? Have you watched a video this month that you think I should add to the list?

Let me know in the comments below!

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