Cassegrain Wines Interview Video

A short interview with John Cassegrain the Managing Director and Chief Winemaker of Cassegrain Wines speaking about the history of Cassegrain Wines and future export goals into china and the asian market.

About Cassegrain Wines

The core philosophy at Cassegrain Wines is the marriage of traditional French winemaking methods with modern Australian technology, an innovative approach that gives Cassegrain Wines a unique point of difference. The result is a diverse portfolio of full flavoured, yet soft and elegantly styled wines.

As a multi-regional producer, this approach allows Cassegrain Wines to focus on the strengths of each region, blending fruit and crafting wines of complexity and real interest, but true to style and variety. Vineyard parcels come from growers throughout NSW who are dedicated to producing outstanding fruit; with the principal aim being to ensure that the characteristic flavours of the fruit are maintained and enhanced during the winemaking process, delivering excellence in each and every bottle.